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About Me

Hi, my name is Angie and I’m a food and beverage social media content creator. I’ve been passionate about food and beverage since I was a kid, and I love creating content that captures people’s attention. I’ve worked within the food and beverage industry, both independent and corporate, and I have a deep understanding of what it takes to create successful content.

I’m excited to work with you to create content that will make your brand shine. I’ll use my hospitality background and my understanding of your target audience to create content that aligns with your brand voice and leaves a lasting impression. Together, we can create unforgettable brand collaborations that will build brand awareness, customer trust, and drive sales.

Video Samples

Ad Style

Birch Benders

Product Demo

Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Oats


Popcornopolis Popcorn

Recipe Style Tutorial

Skippy Peanut Butter

Recipe Style Tutorial

Goya Cannellini Beans


Beautiful by Drew Air Fryer

TikTok Trends

Goya Cannellini Beans

TikTok Trends


TikTok Trends

Popcornopolis Popcorn

Stop Motion

Pillsbury Pie Crusts

ASMR Product Demonstration

Flybird Margarita

ASMR Product Demonstration


 Photo Samples

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Malibu Cocktail
Weesprout Plates
Emergen-C Packet
Gerber Baby Puffs
HEB Pretzels
Beautiful Air Fryer
Gerber Teething Biscuits

Here’s Why You Should Choose UGC


increase in brand trust when presented with UGC content over brand created content


more engagement on social media then brand-generated content


increase in positive brand perception after seeing user generated content


higher conversion rate with UGC content over professionally created content

Services & Rates



Creative Strategy
Concept and Script
Voiceover Videos
How to Use Tutorials
Inspiration and Lifestyle Vlog
Unboxing and ASMR
Product Showcasing
Recipe Style Videos
Testimonials and Reviews
Product Photos
Lifestyle/UGC Photos


Custom packages available
upon request



Organic Videos:

Rates based on video length
of 15-60 seconds each.

1 Video: $150
3 Videos: $400
5 Videos: $600
Script Reading: $150

Paid Media (Ads) Usage Rights:

+30% for 90 days of usage rights
+50% for 180 days of usage rights

UGC or Product Photography:

5 Photos: $150
10 Photos: $250


Additional Hooks/CTA: $50 each
Raw Content: +50% of base rate



Mixed Media Bundles:

1 Organic Videos + 3 Photos: $200
3 Organic Videos + 5 Photos: $500
5 Organic Videos + 10 photos: $750

Ad Testing Bundles

Includes 6 months of usage rights

4 Videos – 2 hooks, 1 body, 2 CTA: $600
8 Videos – 4 hooks, 1 body, 2 CTA: $800
16 videos – 4 hooks, 2 bodies, 2 CTA: $1100

Monthly Contracts:

Includes usage rights

10 Videos: $1350
20 Videos: $2500
30 Videos: $3500

Videos delivered on an agreed upon
timeline through out the month

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